Cooper’s Pomegranate Jelly

The Story

Many years ago Tick and Carol (The Coopers) started growing deep red sour pomegranate trees in their yard in North Las Vegas. They would squeeze the juice by hand in a press and make jelly for their family and friends each Christmas. It was their specialty and savored by the lucky recipients. The jelly-making has since continued the same, on through all these many years and seasons of their lives. With the passing of our Mom in 2002, our Dad “pressed” on with the help of Brenda and John and Annie. Until his recent death in 2013 at 90 years old, Dad made and gave jelly and shared the tradition with us. The jelly-making will carry on and remind us of Mom and Dad and their giving nature. The pomegranate grows in tough environments, has many seeds, is deep in color, and is bittersweet. The juice is rich in nutrients and blended with love (and sugar) has been an unstated and simple symbol of Mom and Dad’s life all these many years. I continue here in the far north to make pomegranate jelly as well. 

Glenna Cooper Merket


pom jelly


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