My True North Project


Glenna passed away in early 2017 from cancer. I’m leaving this page up as a memorial to her creativity and love for people and nature. In her last Facebook post for True North, she said

I have enjoyed my little hobby immensely. This is my dragonfly poem I wrote and I hope it gives you a boost today. Love to all, from Glenna Merket

Where do the water bugs go
Who live in the watery world below
Up the stem they climb high
Through challenges and strife
Clinging against water’s flow

Reaching beyond water to sky
Resting on lily pads to dry
As they grow gossamer wings
A metamorphosis brings
The birth of a dragonfly

For all such is our journey, our quest
Difficult trials are transforming steps
In God’s plan we can trust
Fly to new heights, we must
Through this veil is how we progress


True North, where your inner compass leads you

True North is not a geographical place but that place we dare to venture and discover in our soul that feels right and good and at peace.  It’s living each day in gratitude and finding joy in the journey no matter the twists and turns our path can take.  I moved to Alaska following my own True North.  I like creating things that I share with others and you can view them at:

FACEBOOK True North 907 or at ETSY True North 907

Hopefully my little gifts can uplift and motivate more people beyond my neck of the woods.


pom jellyCooper’s Pomegranate Jelly: my message in a bottle, a family tradition, a 16 oz jar of homemade Pomegranate Jelly.  Click here for the Story behind Cooper’s Pomegranate Jelly.  Contact me for availability. . . .

hummingbird earrings

hummer silver

Hummingbird Earrings in bronze or silver tone .

raven zipper pull

Raven Zipper Pull/Bag Charm



compass earring cobalt


compass bronzeCompass Earrings, Silver-tone or Bronze

. .

anchor earrings 2014
anchor zipper pull b
Anchor Earrings or Zipper Pull

. .

ship wheel earringShip Wheel Earrings

. .

celtic earringCeltic Trinity Knot Earrings

.  .

tree bronze

tree of life earring

Tree of Life Earrings

 . . Northern Nuggets Earrings 2013Tacky, I know… but they are surprisingly quite poopular, I mean popular with Alaskan tourists. Northern Nuggets: Moose Poop pierced earrings with Forget-Me-Not Flowers hand painted on them (Alaska’s State Flower).   Also necklaces, key chains, tie tacks, etc. Please note:  At this time Northern Nuggets are not available for wholesale orders. My motivational tag line is: “Crap happens, it’s all about what you do with it.” Trust me, I know this. I became this entrepoo-neur when my husband went through cancer (without insurance) and I was looking for any endeavor to make money out of “nothing.” p.s. there is no offensive smell to moose turds.

northern nugget ornament 2Northern Nuggets: Moose Poop Ornament


spiderSpider Earrings



Iditarod Earrings

Iditarod zipper pull

Iditarod Lantern Earrings or Zipper Pull/Charm


tiny moose earring bTiny Bronze Moose Earrings


pinecone silverPine Cone Earrings, silver, bronze or copper


lupine 2014Lupine Earrings


.firweed er

fireweed 2014

Fireweed Earrings



blueberry riverstone 2014

blueberry cobalt 2014

Blueberry Earrings, Navy Riverstone or Cobalt Blue Glass



cranberry earrings

cranberry 2014 b

Cranberry Earrings, Basic or with Silver Leaf Dangle .

SAM_0006Pomegranate Earrings: a symbol of Love and Prosperity . .

lighthouse ER basic smaller

lighthouse necklace card

Lighthouse zipper pullLighthouse Earrings, Necklace with Card, or Zipper Pull/Charm


large snowflake earring b 

small snowflake earring b

Snowflake Earrings

.angel poem watermarkAngel Poem Card: a poem I wrote for the angels in my life on a 5×7 ivory color note card with envelope, blank inside. The poem reads: “There are angels in our midst who see within our hearts who lift us through the hardships and magically light up the dark. Maybe you’ve felt an angel’s touch or heard one whisper sweetly Sent from Heaven they are among us I know, because you have been one to me.” by Glenna .

angel wing earring bAngel Earrings . .

starfish earring 2014

SF card earrings

SF card zipper charm

starfish card 2014 watermark

Starfish Earrings, Zipper Pull Charm, or The Starfish Story Card

The text on the card reads:      The Starfish Once upon a time there was a writer who used to walk along the beach for inspiration. One morning he was walking along the shore and as he looked down the beach he saw a human figure moving like a dancer. He smiled to himself to think of someone who would dance to the dawn of a new day. So he began to walk faster to catch up. As he got closer he saw that it was a young girl and she wasn’t dancing but instead she was reaching down to the shore and picking something up and very gently throwing it into the ocean. As the man got closer he called out, “Good Morning! What are you doing?” The young girl paused, lookedup and replied, “Throwing starfish in the ocean.” “But why?” asked the man. “The sun is coming up and the tide is going out, if I don’t throw them back in they will die” she answered. “But there are miles and miles of beach and starfish all along it. You can’t possibly make a difference” said the man. The girl listen politely, then bending down, picked up another starfish and threw it carefully into the sea past the breaking waves and said, “It made a difference for that one.”


fish earring AKSalmon Earrings: with real fish vertebrae and salmon-egg-looking-beads


.raven sun purpleraven sun black

raven amber 1

3d raven and sun

Raven and the Sun Earrings: with the story on the back, (Sun Charm or Sun Bead)


glacial blues earring bGlacial Blues Earrings



northern nights earringsNorthern Lights Earrings



butterfly 2014

butterfly earring      

butterfly cardButterfly Earrings and Butterfly Story Card

The text on the card reads: Caterpillars must struggle for a long time to emerge from the cocoon as a butterfly. A young lady was watching this process and decided to help.  It appeared that a caterpillar was having a difficult time coming out of its cocoon so she gently peeled it open a little. As she watched over the next few days it came out of the cocoon more easily but its body was much weaker than normal and its wings were limp and frail. The insect could not fly but only wriggle and flop along on the ground. This was because the butterfly must work hard to accomplish its potential and freedom. The pressure to squeeze out of the tight cocoon pushes blood to its wings completing the growth process. In the same way, what seems to be pressure or trials can also make us strong. Through discipline, courage, and persistence we too can develop to our full potential.


.FMN 2

FMN smallForget Me Not Earrings


lantern uchtdorfLantern Zipper Pull/Charm


   dragonfly poem watermark dragonfly poem words

The Story of the Dragonfly Card: a poem I wrote about the transformation of a dragonfly symbolizing the triumph and rebirth of the spirit.   On a 5×7 note card with envelope.  Blank inside. .

. dragonfly SA style B dragonfly earring BP style B               dragonfly earring style A gold dragonfly style C brighter

dragonfly D

dragonfly silver wing

Dragonfly Earrings, choose your colors .

friends in heaven cardFriends in Heaven Card,  Jessie’s photo of two girls on the beach on a 5×7 ivory note card with envelope, blank inside. Print reads “We were such good friends in heaven that God helped us find each other on earth.” .

serenity cardSerenity Prayer Card, Danielle’s photo in Prince William Sound


Master's touch card watermark

The Touch of the Master’s Hand Card


stars card 2Perhaps They Are Not Stars Card     “Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.”


 . Alaskan bear cardBrown Bear in Denali: this photo was taken by Danielle in Denali National Park in 2011.  4×6 photo on a 5×7 note card with envelope, blank inside.

Alaska dipnet fishermanAlaskan Dipnet Fisherman Card

    love poem card watermarkLove Poem Card: Altered/textured print of ocean with my love poem on a 5×7 note card with envelope, blank inside.

I was meant to be your ocean, carry you gently from your rocky shore.  I was meant to be your song, touch your heart in ways no one else could hear.  I was meant to be your daybreak, paint your world with light, colored with children. I was meant to be your friend, stand beside you, guide you to the very end.  I was meant to be your angel, wrap you in my wings and save you.     by glenna

. .

.   glacier cardSurprise Glacier:  in Prince William Sound, Alaska taken 2011.  4×6 photo on a 5×7 note card

Alaskan puffin card Puffin in Seward:  This photo was taken by Noel and Audrey in the Summer of 2011.  4×6 photo on a 5×7 note card with envelope, blank inside. .

Alaskan moose cardWinter Moose:  Taken near Soldotna, Alaska.  4×6 photo on a 5×7 note card with envelope, blank inside. .

Alaskan moose Christmas cardChristmas Moose and Calf:  Photo from my yard.  4×6 photo on a 5×7 blank note card with envelope, blank inside. .

into the forest cardInto the Forest:  Taken in Kenai, Alaska though it looks like Narnia.  4×6 photo on a 5×7 note card with envelope, blank inside.

Mt Redoubt Alaskan cardMt. Redoubt:  taken from Kenai, Alaska on the Cook Inlet.  4×6 photo on a 5×7 note card with envelope, blank inside. .

eagle scripture cardEagle Card: 4×6 eagle photo I took at Anchor Point, Alaska on a 5×7 note card with envelope, blank inside.